TCL Alto 9+

Brand TCL
Model Name TS9030-NA
Speaker Type Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer
Color Black
Speaker Size 6.5 Inches
Weight 22.9 Pounds
Dimensions 44.5 x 16 x 11 inches
Special Features Virtualized Atmos Surround Sound Technology; RAY•DANZ Technology; Roku TV Ready
Price Under 250

The TCL Alto 9+ soundbar is a 3.1 channel soundbar and probably all the experts believe it is a highly recommended soundbar for TCL Roku TV. It is one of the latest TCL soundbars and comes with all the advanced features and connectivity options.

TCL Alto 9+ soundbar comes with the latest and slim design. You can mount it to the wall very quickly and you can also mount it to the TV. When you mount it to the TV, it will not hide your TV remote sensor and you will use your TV remote control without any worry.

The TCL Alto 9+ soundbar is alright for mixed usage. Its low-bass is pretty good but not perfect like the expensive soundbars, which is disappointing for fans of bass-heavy music genres. This soundbar also supports surrounds and Atmos content, but it has to downmix it into the stereo in a few cases.

Dialogue Enhancement Feature:

It comes with a dialogue enhancement feature. Its dedicated center channel can reproduce voices clearly and accurately. If you love to watch movies or TV shows, it will be ideal for you in this medium budget. The dialogue enhancement feature will allow you to lesson clear dialogues and talk shows clearly without any background noises.

Connectivity Options:

It is a medium-budget soundbar and it comes with all the advanced connectivity options except WiFi. It supports the HDMI connectivity option, which is the ideal way to connect all kinds of soundbars and other musical instruments.

The TCL Alto 9+ comes with the wireless connectivity option (Bluetooth). You can easily connect it to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPhone, iPad and many other more Bluetooth compatible devices without any wires and stream your favorite audio content.

Along with the HDMI and Bluetooth, it also supports an optical cable connectivity option. You can connect the Alto 9+ through the optical cable with any device and stream your favorite audio content.

Wireless Subwoofer:

The TCL Alto 9+ comes with a mighty wireless subwoofer. It is a wireless subwoofer; you can keep it anywhere you like. This powerful subwoofer provides decent bass. If you don't like bass-rich content, you can disconnect it from your soundbar.

Although you like bass-rich content, keep it connected with your soundbar and enjoy your bass-rich content. This powerful subwoofer can provide you the cinema sound experience in your room.

Surround Sound:

The TCL Alto 9+ comes with the surround sound feature. It provides a decent surround sound experience in your home. Along with these features, you can adjust its wireless subwoofer anywhere you like.

Audio Modes:

TCL Alto 9+ comes with three audio modes, including Movie, Music and TV show or News mode. The movie mode concentrates on dialogue enhancement features, while in music mode, it focuses on music and bass. In a TV show or News mode, it reduces background noises and provides a clear voice.

Advanced Features:

TCL Alto 9+ comes with advanced features like Dolby Atmos and Ray Danz technology. Along with these features, it also provides wireless connectivity and an HDMI connectivity option in this medium price range.

In The Box:

It includes all the connectivity cables and mounting brackets in the box. In this full review on TCL Alto 9+, we will also provide you detailed info on what you will get in the box.

  1. Quick Guide
  2. Remote control with Batteries (2x AAA)
  3. 2x Power cables
  4. 1x HDMI cable 1.5 Meter (4.9 Feet)
  5. 1x Optical cable 1.5 Meter (4.9 Feet)
  6. Wall-mount template
  7. 2x Wall-mount brackets
  8. 2x Wall-mount screws
  9. 2x Wall-mount anchors
  • Four EQ presets.
  • Multi wireless playback options.
  • Wireless connectivity option.
  • Dialogue enhancement feature.
  • It Supports Atmos content.
  • Ray Danz Technology.
  • HDMI compatible.
  • Remote control.
  • Wall mountable.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Multi Audio Modes.
  • Lack of display screen.
  • Lack of WiFi.
  • Sometimes Downmixes Atmos and surrounds content into stereo.