Majority Ben Nevis II Soundbar

Brand Majority
Model Name Majority Ben Nevis II
Speaker Type Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer & Surround Sound
Channels 2.1 Channel Soundbar
Control Method Remote Control
Weight 10.73 pounds
Dimensions 30 x 2.09 x 2.72 inches
Main Features HDMI ARC, Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Multi-Connectivity and FM Radio

The majority Ben Nevis II Soundbar is a 150-watt soundbar that offers a surround sound system. It is one of the highly recommended budget soundbar and it provides all the important and advanced features necessary for any soundbar in the present generation. Here in this article, we will discuss all of its features, advantages, and disadvantages in detail.

Wireless Subwoofer

The Majority Ben Nevis II comes with a powerful wireless subwoofer. It offers deep and powerful bass to the sound and provides bass-rich content. If you like to lesson bass-rich content or love to watch action movies with full bass, it will be the right pick. It will provide you a good and deep bass in your favorite audio content.

Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth)

The Majority soundbar comes with a wireless connectivity feature. It has built-in Bluetooth so you can connect it with your TV, Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad and many other more Bluetooth compatible devices and stream your favorite audio content in a quality bass-rich sound. In this connectivity option, you don't need any wires for the connectivity.


It is an HDMI-compatible soundbar and probably all of us know that HDMI is the best connectivity option for all kinds of the soundbar. All the tech experts believe that there is no other better way than HDMI connectivity of soundbars. The HDMI connectivity supports all the advanced features like Dolby Atoms and 4K sound if your soundbar is Dolby atoms and 4k sound supported.


The Majority Ben Nevis II is also an HDMI ARC CEC supported. In this feature, the soundbar does not require a separate remote control. If your soundbar is HDMI ARC supported and you take this way of connectivity, you can easily control your TV and soundbar with a single TV remote. This connectivity option offers some exiting feature like, if you turn on your TV you soundbar will turn on automatically. If you turn off your TV, your soundbar will turn off automatically. Similarly, if you increase your TV sound, the soundbar sound will be increases automatically and if you decrease the TV sound, the soundbar sound will be decreases automatically.

Remote Control

It is a remote control soundbar and you can control all of its features through a remote. The Majority Ben Nevis soundbar will allow you to control its volume, music mode and source from the remote. You can easily control all of its features from the remote control and you will never move from your bed or your comfortable sofa.

Wired Connectivity Options

As we discussed in the beginning that it offers multi-connectivity options. The wired connectivity offers AUX, Optical Cable, RCA Cable and HDMI, as we discussed above in the article.

USB & FM Radio

The majority soundbar also comes with a built-in USB MP3 Player and built-in FM Radio. You can easily stream your favorite audio content from USB and you can use this mp3 player in small family functions. It also comes with built-in FM Radio.

  • Powerful wireless subwoofer
  • Multi connectivity options
  • HDMI ARC supported
  • Bluetooth compatible soundbar
  • Built-in MP3 Player and FM Radio
  • Surround sound speaker
  • Remote control (High range)
  • 2.1 Channel
  • After pure and quality research, we conducted that on it is a decent soundbar on this budget.