Why Sceptre Monitor Saying No Signal?

When the monitors are turned on, and they are not receiving signals for any other devices like CPU, laptop, DVR, or any other devices, the monitors usually display no signal report on the screen.

Sceptre Monitor No Signal Issue – Fixes

Many reasons may cause the no signal issue of sceptre monitor, let's discuss all those reasons in detail.

1. Check Monitor Mode

Also, confirm whether your monitor is in the right connectivity mode. Search “Mode” or “Source” button on the monitor case and press it a few times. It can help you if your monitor is set on wrong connectivity mode.

2. Un-Plug & Re-Plug Cables

First of all, unplug the connectivity cable from the monitor port, check its points that they are rust-free, clean it and then re-plug it into the monitor port.

After this step, unplug the connectivity cable from the other device and check whether the other end is rust-free or not. Then clean the other end of the cable also and put it again in the other device.

3. Check HDMI, DVI or VGA Cable

If you are using HDMI, DVI or VGA cable for the connectivity of sceptre monitor with other devices, check whether these cables are in usable condition.

Unplug the cable and check it in detail and try to get a damaged spot in the cable.

4. Replace Connectivity Cable

Get a new HDMI, DVI or VGA cable and try it. If there is a problem in your connectivity cable, the new cable will solve your issue and connect your monitor with the other device.

5. Check Cable on Other Device

If it's hard for you to get another new cable, unplug the cable and check it on another device. If this cable is also not working on the other device, then you will need to purchase a new cable to reconnect your monitor.

6. Check the Connectivity Slots of Both Devices

After all these steps, if you are still facing the issue, check the monitor's and another device connectivity slot. If you get any issue in the devices slots, try to fix them.

7. Try another Connectivity Option

If you use the HDMI connectivity option between your monitor and the other device, use the VGA and DVI connectivity option. If you have HDMI slot or HDMI cable issue, this step will help you to solve your issue.

8. Contact Sceptre Technical Support

If you try all the seven steps and it did not hep you, then you need to contact the sceptre technical suppor or any technical expert near you.