Why does Asus Monitor Show No Signal Message on Screen?

When the Asus monitor is turned on and the monitor does not receive signals from the computer CPU or other device, in these kinds of cases, all the monitor brands display no signal message on the screen.

Here in this article, we will let you know all the reasons of this issue and we will also guide you on how to fix these kinds of issues.

Causes and Fixes of Asus Monitor No Signal Issue:

Many reasons can cause the no signal issue of the Asus monitor. Let’s enlist each reason in detail. Here we will also guide you on how this problem can be solved.

1. Check Monitor Input Mode or Source

In most of cases, people usually select the wrong input mode. If you are using the HDMI connectivity method, you must need to confirm that your monitor is set on the HDMI input option.

Here you can easily fix this issue within a minute. If you are using the HDMI connectivity option, just press the Source or Mode button. The menu will appear on the monitor screen and select the HDMI input option in the menu.

2. Unplug and Re-plug Cables

If your monitor is set on the correct input option and you are still facing the same issue. Unplug the power cable of both devices, also unplug the connectivity cables from both of the devices and then plug them again into their ports.

Plugin the power cable of both the devices and check the output result.

3. Check Connectivity Cables

If the unplug and re-plug of the connectivity cable didn’t solve your no signal issue, then you need to check your connectivity cable.

Unplug your cable, check it carefully in detail, and find any damage spot. If you didn’t get any damaged spot in the cable, re-plug it and move towards the following fixes and ideas.

4. Replace Connectivity Cable

If you found any damaged spot in the cable, then you need to replace the connectivity cable.

In case if you didn’t get any damaged spot in your connectivity cable and you have an extra cable in your home or office, it will be a good idea to check the extra cable. It can solve your issue.

5. Check Input Slots or Ports

If you tried the new cable and are still facing the same issue, we will recommend you check your both devices' cable slots or ports.

Check it carefully. If they are broken try to fix it. If they are not broken then check it that they are rust-free or not. If they have rusted points, clean that rust from those points and then check it after cable insertions.

6. Try Another Connectivity Option

If all the upper fixes didn’t solve your issue, here we will recommend you another pro tip and simple tip. Try a different connectivity option.

If you face no signal issue on the HDMI connection, you need to try USB-C, VGA or DVI connectivity method.

Also, keep in mind that change the monitor input option after trying another connectivity option.

7. Check Monitor on Other Device

If you have another device in your home, try to connect your Asus monitor to another device. It will let you know whether your monitor is technically right or not.

8. Contact Asus Customer Care or Technical Person

If we failed to solve your issue with the help of this article, then you need to contact the Asus customer care or any technical person around you.

He will check it there practically and will solve your issue there.


Here in this article, we provided researched-based fixes ideas on the Asus monitor with no signal issues.

We hope that this article will help 99.99% of users.